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Based on the observation since 1998 that our customers are looking for a specialized local operator rather than a large city agency offering approximate products, Agence Aéreau has set up a network of local experts to serve you better, always more precisely.



Each of our specialists has long experience in events and will provide sharp advice to achieve the objectives set by the company. Dates, place, content, themes, animation, nothing is left to chance.

Event Management

Whatever the region considered, the organization is flawless, attentive and available. The entire organization of seminars is concentrated in the administration pole and follow-up of files at the head office in Haute Savoie.


In the region or even abroad, all our corporate events, seminars, conventions or incentives are supervised by our team, to ensure the smooth running and management of unforeseen events.

The Aéreau network is:

  • Local expertise
  • 24 years of experience and more than 1300 corporate events organized
  • No local offices, but a central organizational center. Avoid additional costs and thus offer events at the best cost
  • A centralized follow-up of your file with our experienced team. Reliability, patience and availability
  • A quality charter guaranteeing the same philosophy and a concern for quality, whatever the place or the local specialist



Each member of the Aéreau Network in contact with our customers is an experienced professional in his field or region of work. Aéreau's HR policy is not to build a team with underpaid interns.


Above all, our role is to advise our clients on their choices. Avoid preconceived ideas so as not to be mistaken. Always consider first the objectives of the seminar or the incentive before the place and content of it as we see too often. Many contact us indicating that they wish to go to such and such a place and do such an activity there even though it does not seem compatible with the objectives set by the hierarchy, we are here to help you put things back in order and to do the right choices.

Responses and presentations

In most cases, we undertake to respond within 48 working hours with detailed and substantiated presentations. We are absolutely committed to the quotes being extremely clear and that there are no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs. Our policy is not to exclude services in order only to obtain a lower price, to obtain the market, and then to add the missing elements.


At Aéreau, no preconceived ideas regarding the choice of accommodation. Here again, we advise you to make the best choice and we adapt to your budgetary constraints. We are convinced that luxury is not necessarily the key to the success of a corporate event. However, make no mistake, a successful event also comes at a cost, we are not magicians.


For your seminars and conventions, meetings are a central element for the success of the event but also to ensure the return on investment sought by the company. At Aéreau, we are infinitely convinced that meetings are a key moment. In our experience, we often find that the majority of meetings are actually endless Powerpoint presentations that a speaker reads, turning a meeting into a monologue. After 20 minutes, almost the majority of the audience dropped out.

We are convinced that there is much better to do by synthesizing the presentations to bring out strong messages, by making the meetings interactive because it is through the exchanges that we can keep the attention of the participants and make them therefore retain the messages which are precisely the reason why the seminar is taking place.


Agence Aéreau is an event and editorial communication agency.

All communication is editorial, it defines the company in its speech. In its messages, in its postures, but of course in its event choices. A more or less glitzy destination defines you in relation to your employees or clients. A luxurious or modest hotel, your extremely formal messages or more relaxed sessions. And of course the language, the number of messages, their content and form. All this verbal or non-verbal communication is your company's voice.

Aéreau is an editorial and event communication agency, we assist companies in their communication. Advice, design and production. To ensure that your company is heard, and that the message you have chosen is well understood.

Please contact us.


Support and assistance

Being at the service of our clients, ensuring that the planned event runs as smoothly as possible for the satisfaction of participants and decision-makers, is a daily concern. All seminars, conventions and incentives include, unless otherwise requested by the client or in special cases, the assistance of one of our local experts on the ground to ensure that the services sold are well honoured, but also to manage the unexpected events common to this type of service and thus guarantee our clients' peace of mind. We are available as much as necessary, including out of hours and weekends when appropriate. Field support is the cornerstone of the high quality service we provide. Our customers have honoured us with a consistent satisfaction rating of over 18/20, and support is one of the cornerstones of this.

The cost of the organisation by our agency

We often hear "we will organise directly for budgetary reasons", as if it is always the cost of the agency that makes the seminar out of budget. At Aéreau, this is not true. On the one hand, most of our turnover is paid by our service providers who pay us a commission. And when, for certain files requiring a lot of work, or others that are very small, our price is above the public price that our clients could obtain, it is important to take into account the time that they do not spend on research and organisation. On the other hand, the variety of proposals made, the speed of execution and the clear increase in quality are also factors to be taken into consideration. Finally, local support during the seminar is one of the major advantages, the cost of which is quite modest in relation to the services provided.

Typically the agency earns between 6% and 16% on its purchase cost. But the real cost to our clients is generally between 0% and 5%. Rarely 10-15%, in the case of extremely small files (10 people for a one-night stay for example). This is very little compared to the high quality of our services and the peace of mind it gives you.

Legal authorisations

The Aéreau agency has always been sensitive to the respect of the law for your safety. Many event operators do not respect the law or tax regulations, this is not our case. Aéreau, as well as all its local agents when necessary, are licensed travel agents. We also respect the tax rules, in the interest of our clients.

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